Bioenergy and Food Security Operator Level Tool - Agricultural residues

The main purpose of the BEFS OLT (Agricultural Residues) tool is to provide an initial screening of bioenergy projects so as to assess their environmental, social and economic performance. Hence, the assessment results provide an indication of the projects’ strengths and weaknesses and support a decision making in relation to further potential developments. By this, the aim is to help project developers design their projects in line with national regulation and good environmental and social practices, and to help them monitor the project’s environmental and social performance during operation. In the same way, the tool can support financial institutions that can use it to assess the performance of projects considered for funding. Another aspect of the tool is raising awareness and knowledge among its users about the sustainability performance of bioenergy projects.

The tool covers crop residue and livestock residue pathways. Each pathway consists of several components which can be assessed as a stand-alone project or as a part of the whole supply chain (multi-component project).

The tool is supported by a manual that includes a full description of the components of the tools and background information on the methodological approach and indicators.

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