Impact on Indigenous People

Applies to: All components


This indicator refers to the minimisation of negative impacts on indigenous people. Term indigenous people refers to a social and cultural group, distinct from dominant groups within national societies, possessing all of the following characteristics in varying degrees: self-identification as members of a distinct indigenous ethnic or cultural group and recognition of this identity by others; collective attachment to geographically distinct habitats, traditional lands or ancestral territories in the project area and to the natural resources in these habitats and territories; descent from populations who have traditionally pursued non-wage (and often nomadic/transhumant) subsistence strategies and whose status was regulated by their own customs or traditions or by special laws or regulations; customary cultural, economic, social or political institutions that are separate from those of the dominant society or culture; a distinct language or dialect, often different from the official language or dialect of the country or region.


Does the company or any of its subsidiaries have any impact upon indigenous people?



Yes, but the company has carried out (or has planned to carry out) impact assessment and developed special mitigation plans, in order to mitigate negative impacts

Yes, severe negative impact, and no measures are foreseen to mitigate the negative effects