Nutrients Loss Prevention Practices

Applies to: CR Collection


This indicator refers to the prevention of nutrient loss (primarily N, P, K) due to residue removal. N, P, K are nutrients required for plant growth (macronutrients). The indicator considers implementation of mitigation practices (e.g. nutrient replacement using fertilisers, use of nitrification inhibitors, reduced tillage, use of cover crops, green fertilisation, use of terraces, sediment control structures and extended rotations) and their coverage.


What practices are implemented to reduce loss of nutrients (N,P,K)?

What is the share of land where the mitigation practices are implemented?


At least two mitigation practices implemented on 75%-100% of land

At least one mitigation practice implemented on 75%-100% of land

Mitigation practices implemented on less than 75% of land

No mitigation practices implemented

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