Written Terms and Conditions of Employment

Applies to: All components


The indicator refers to the provision of written information on terms and conditions of employment by the company. The company has to document and communicate to all workers their rights under national labour and employment law and any applicable collective agreements, working conditions and terms of employment including their entitlement to wages, hours of work, overtime arrangements and overtime compensation, any benefits (such as leave for illness, maternity/paternity or holiday), and when any material changes occur. This information has to be understandable and accessible to workers and available in the main language(s) spoken by the workforce.


Are all workers provided with written information about their terms and conditions of employment in their local language?


Yes, there is a quality management system that ensures that all employees are familiar with their rights

There is no official quality management system, but all workers are familiarized with their rights once they join the company

Workers are not familiarized with their rights upon joining the company